The Hell of the North

Parix Roubaix 2012 has come and gone. The winner of this year’s Queen of the Classics was Tom Boonen, joining the ranks of only one other, Roger De Flaeminck, to have emerged winner of this race 4 times.  And in heroic and classical stye, a solo breakaway off the front until the end.

Besides the Tour de France, this is the one race I look forward to every year.  Few other races carry the mystique and the legend of the Roubaix.  Many of the heroes of the sport made their mark here.  A race of mythological proportions, and only lasts for one day.

I had my own little Hell of the North, too.  In North Anoka County.  It was a 40 mile ride, from Minneapolis to Nowthen, MN.  The day was lovely enough, but the wind in my face for the second half of the ride was my tiny bit of hell.  Actually, it was good ride.  There’s no place to hide from the wind.


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