’73 Raleigh International

My Raleigh International.  Chrome Nervex lugs, Reynolds 531, Campagnolo dropouts.  A classic!  I was trying to find a Schwinn Volare or a Superior in my size (and a non-exhorbitant price) without success when this popped up on Craigslist one night.  I called the phone number, and the seller agreed to have me come out right away (it was kind of late, there were deer running around his neighborhood!).  I took the bike home, and forgot all about the Volare.

Well, although the Nuovo Record components were quite nice, I wasn’t thrilled about the Weinmann center pull brakes, or the GB bars and stem (aesthetically speaking).  I decided to rebuild the bike.

I had a Shimano Golden Arrow (later renamed 105) group I had put away, and decided this was the bike I was saving it for (is that bad English?).  I was able to get the shift levers mounted on some Jagwire bar end pods, and use the full group.

I made the leather wraps for the handlebars.  They are stitched on with waxed thread.  (I never got around to finding some hoods, I guess)  You can see below the brake calipers have a nice long reach to allow 700c wheels to work in this frame.  And still fender clearance if so desired.

The saddle is a Fujita Belt and the seatpost Sugino, to continue the Japanese theme.  The wheelset, not original but came with the bike, are Ambrosio clincher rims and Dura Ace hubs.  I decided to go with ‘cross tires.  

I think the crankset is really nice looking.  The pedals are Shimano A530.  It has a really nice chain, too, and a Dura Ace freewheel.

There you have it.  I feel lucky to have this bike in my collection.  It’s a keeper.


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