Ice Crystals in the Stratosphere

Well, not actually the stratosphere, but who, except the nerdiest among us, know what the troposphere is?












There was a halo around the sun early this morning, this February morning.  Temperature was -8 degrees Farenheit.  Not as cold as expected last night.  But very much like the rest of our record breaking and relentless winter.  In recent winters past, us Minnesotans (myself, non native, which I sometimes make sure to point out) might have been found remembering with nostalgia classic Minnesota winters gone by with endless below zero temperatures and sometimes terrific snowstorms, which had seemed to become a thing of history, presumably on account of global warming.  Well, winter returned in 2013-2014, and it returned loaded for bear!

But strangely, the experts are telling us that this, too, may be caused by global warming.


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