2014 Almanzo 100

I rode the Almanzo this year.  100+ miles on gravel.  Gravel, dust, wind, steep hills, 42mph descents, river crossings, and horses!


Here is my recap– It was a beautiful morning, and a beautiful day.  Chris came along, and met up with her parents.  My support crew.  I wanted to quit at mile 40.  And then again at mile 67.  But I didn’t.  The winds blew up and the climbs were steep.  And I made it to the finish, with a few tears I’ll admit.  I know that’s not really macho or badass, but that is how it happened.



And that All City Mr. Pink is a new bike to me, and rode quite excellent for this day.

So basically, I rode my ass off, conquering gravity and the wind, and summoning the will to finish this thing.   And the horses, who broke free just to run along side of us, we won’t forget.





And here is a little gallery of some nice photos, taken by my soigneur and now race photographer, Chris.


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