NE Iowa Gravel

It’s been over a week, but still it gives me happy thoughts.  Being a city dweller, riding around on quiet, picturesque, rural gravel roads is a bit of a treat.  I’ve been riding bikes purposely on gravel roads for a few years, so this is nothing new to me, but not usually with the same kind of pleasure and enjoyment I did on this day.  It was a bit of adventure, as I did not have a detailed route to follow.  I had a compass (built into my bike computer), a rough plan of a route, and a rough idea of the distance I wanted to cover, which helped me decide when to turn back.

I started in Decorah, made my way out to Freeport, then almost to Waukon.  Then I found my way back, a different way.  Along the way, I took a turn down Lower Dam Road.  It brought me here.  Cool, huh?
IMG_20160529_100915341After a brief stop, I carried on.

I had hoped to find the Sattre store, along the way.  I crested a hill, and there it was.  And not much else.  A cold Coke and a short break sitting out front of the store was exactly what I was hoping for.  Later in the day I heard some interesting tales of this place.  I wish this place and the new owners well.


A little later, I stopped at this place.  Only wide enough for one car, and I actually saw two cars almost collide.  (sort of)  There were many, many birds flying around this bridge, swooping and diving.  I don’t know what they were, but I’m sure they were chasing and catching some kind of insect.  Didn’t see any fish, though.



I saw quite a bit of wildlife.  Deer on a few occasions.  Eagles, vultures, turtles.  I came upon a mink, looking like he was laying on the road, belly down.  Like I see squirrels do on hot days sometimes.  I saw some snakes, too.

There was a pretty sight around every corner, really.  Great gravel roads for bike riding, and challenging hilly terrain.  It really couldn’t have been any better.



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