Planet X London Road Official Review

Well, it’s about time I said a little something more about this bike.  I’ve taken it, or it’s taken me, through two not particularly easy gravel events, and a few hundred miles of commuting, give or take, at this point.  So how is it, right?!

59466558-TMB_7071 (1)Well, it’s great.  It’s a fantastic bike.  It is superb on the gravel, on the trail, and the commute.  Though I’m currently riding mixed condition somewhat aggressive tires, it is very fast.  It is truly a bike for any road, and all conditions.  And it handles them all well.  Well done Planet X.  Great design and execution, and at an incredible price point.

Planet X

The Dickie Scramble was my most recent event, and a pretty dang good test for this machine.  There was much climbing, and seemingly endless slogging through a relentless headwind.  Some very fast and twisty descents as well, both gravel and Tarmac.  But then — a treacherous steep, muddy, and rocky descent and then a similar (except less muddy) ascent.  We call these MMR’s around here.  Minimum Maintenance Road. This could hardly be called a road.  More like a mountain goat path.  But the bike handled all of it like a champ.  It was made for this kind of stuff.


So, yeah I really like the bike.  I gave up two other bikes, both which I quite liked, but it was all worth it.  And I will say this.  For those who have avoided aluminum frame bikes, like I had, you might want to give them another look.  One of the main concerns I had about this bike was “would it be comfortable enough”.  Would the bike gently carry me through 100 mile bone jarring events, or would it beat me up the whole way?  I will say, unequivocably, the former and not the latter.

Roll OutOver the BridgeWhen I get a little more time, I’ll come back and talk about some of the build details and components.

59466557-TMB_8477 (1)

But now, I’ve got to get out there and train.  Because the only thing the London Road is missing now is a better motor!


7 thoughts on “Planet X London Road Official Review

  1. Just wanted to say that I am now the proud owner of a London Road, based in large part on your impressions. My mechanic built mine with 11 speed 105 and Shimano hydro brakes, and a Chris King/Hed wheelset. This might actually be the “do everything” bike I’ve been trying for years to find; so far I’m really impressed!

    • Hey, hope the bike works for you as well as it is for me. Sounds like you went all out on a primo build as well, nice. Id like to see a photo of it if that is possible. I thought quite a bit about the hydro brake/shifters too, but I already had some Campy components, so put those into use instead.

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. been looking at the london road for commuting and messing around with… what size tires are you running on it when commuting/ racing/ running gravel/ etc? thanks for the review. Please talk about your build..

    • Hi Matthew, Tires up to 38 or 40 will work. Actually I had 42’s installed when first built, but on 650b wheels. There is a lot of clearance in width, but you may run into toe overlap problems with 700c wheels and big tires. If you plan on fenders, I would advise to go with the biggest frame that you can fit. And maybe consider 650b wheels as well, as this bike rides nicely with them. All said, I settled on 35 tires for a lot of the season (tubeless of course), and then rode 33’s for the rest.

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